Thanks for stopping by! In case you didn't know...I'm Sarah, otherwise known as Tonts! I'm 20-something and just trying to figure myself, happiness and life out ( like everyone is...uhh, right?). There are plenty of things about myself I still don't know (what do I want to do with my life?, am I hungry or just bored?, the list goes on.), but I am lucky enough to have figured a couple of things out...
Sarah's Self-Evident Truths*
*Asterisk because they might be different in a day. Just kidding, a year.
1. Travel lights me up. I love seeing other cultures, exploring new cities and maybe most of all watching the same sun set against seemingly infinite beautiful foregrounds. 
2. Food is one of purest joys on this planet and, this just in, cooking is kind of fun. 
3. Clothes sometimes make my day (or break it). 
4. Yoga makes me a better person.
5. Love is what I believe in above all else (cue Moulin Rogue soundtrack).  
Here's to figuring the rest out one sunset/online shopping cart/accidental kitchen fire/om at a time! 
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